Richie Luna Defeat The Dark Branding and Marketing Campaign Spotlight

Richie Luna Defeat The Dark Branding and Marketing Campaign Spotlight

Richie Luna is Inspiring The World To See The Light

With the growing social user base on Twitter both executives and co-founders over here at Global Good Networks have been quite active in building a following for our 20+ brands and those of our 100+ clients. Our focus has primarily been on high influencing users that can drive engagement for themselves and their own brands along with our clients. Perhaps most importantly for Global Good Networks these individuals can help bring us closer towards farther reaching goals such as making an actual impact on the world.

Recently while communicating with several high-profile accounts on Twitter we found Richie’s account and instantly fell in love with his mission to “defeat the dark” and bring goodness to the world. It immediately rung a bell with us as it is quite analogous to us promoting positive messages and #GlobalGood through all of our channels.

Defeat The Dark Richie Luna GlobalGoodMedia Featured Spotlight ArticleImmediately I setup a conference call for myself (Josh Bois) and my business partner (Rick Jeffries) to speak with Richie Luna. We ended up skyping that night and the following morning to understand his brand and see where we could fit in and partner together to spread some light around the world. We soon found that we could offer our Global Music Digital Distribution Deal to him that we have via Ditto Music in the United Kingdom along with technology from the Venture Capital Network that we are also partnered with. Very soon after we also began helping him measure the impact of the 80,000 twitter followers that he has built up organically through tracking and social media analytic tools, the same day after speaking to him.

It is an honor to work with somebody such as Richie who is putting out positive music and more than just that. Shortly into our conversation with him he explained his first major brand, Luna Road, which installed solar power lights that collected power during the day then list dark roads at night. Cities in Mexico and Chile among others signed up for this service and helped light the way for citizens driving late at night. Soon Richie found that the business side of this was not his true calling and he wanted to find something he could offer to the world with heavy influence and impact that did not have all of the friction that hard-selling a product to governments and private organizations did. This is when he found music which is a universal form of art that can cut past language barriers, countries, and can be shared by millions over night. 

We are now fully backing Richie with resources that we have available to continue his viral trend upward to bring great vibes and happiness to the world. After speaking and mutually agreeing on how the world promotes so much negativity including search engines such as Google and TV Stations like CNN, there is a huge demand for news about good things to uplift people.

Currently a 30 second spot is being scheduled to run in the Los Angeles, Ca area for over 300,000 AT&T customers to help further promote Richie’s mission of enlightening the world through his music and brands.


 Right now is better than ever to promote some good causes, and positively focused music, news and more and we hope you will join us in our battle against bad to defeat the dark!

Follow Richie Luna on Twitter here:

Watch the Call To Light and Celebrate Videos on Youtube:

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View the official video with over 2.5 Million Views on Richie Luna’s Youtube:

Richie Luna “CELEBRATE!” (The Call to Light) Official Music Video Teaser


Josh Bois, Co-Founder Global Good Networks


Online and Offline Advertising Ideas for Small Retail Businesses

Online and Offline Advertising Ideas for Small Retail Businesses

A small business need not advertise; of course, in a marketplace where no one else is screaming; but in today’s competitive business world, most of the small businesses cannot ignore advertising if they want to survive. Often times, advertising and marketing are the terms used interchangeably; while they have significantly different definitions. Advertising is an activity, which introduces one’s product or service to the marketplace; whereas, marketing is a process aimed at promoting one’s brand and attracting the market share for that brand.

Online and offline are the two primary categories of advertising.

Offline Advertising Ideas:

1. Have a Unique Selling Proposition to beat the competition.

2. Develop a brand and position it in the marketplace.

3. Joint-venture with other related businesses to share the advertising budget.

4. Conducting workshops is a proven way to generate leads.

5. Leaving business cards and flyers in locations where the target audiences gather is one of the ways to spread the word.

6. Media advertising is useful when a business wants to reach the masses in a short time.

7. Directory listings and Yellow Pages are not as effective as before, but still work for some businesses.

8. Direct response advertising is appropriate when working on a tight budget and want to bring-in sales right away; a classic example of this kind of promotion is discount-coupons.

9. Pin-up flyers on the message boards and magnetic business cards are two economical ways of Advertising.

10. Businesses with huge budgets always take advantage of billboards on highways and intersections.

11. When one is on a budget, park-bench and bus-shelter signs are good options to advertise.

12.A little creativity can create a buzz about the business without spending any money; press releases and publicity can help achieving this goal.

13. Advertise on public transports like buses and cabs when appropriate.

14. Car wraps, magnetic signs, bumper stickers and window signs are few of the popular advertising methods.

15. Provide space for celebrations and gatherings in the business location to introduce the business to targeted groups.

16. Loyalty rewards convert customers into repeat visitors.

17. Many businesses use sweepstakes and drawings to build a database of customers for their future promotional efforts.

18. Become a member of local groups and special interest groups to generate leads.

19. Adopt a street or highway and involve in activities of local community to build goodwill.

20. Sponsor local-events and participate in trade shows.

21. Consider a Birthday-Club or something similar to get sign-ups and promote sale.

22. Discounted gift certificates can bring-in more sales and new customers.

23. Many businesses use direct mail and coupon books as an effective means to reach masses.

24. Launch something new as often as you can to grab attention of the marketplace.

25. Promote business with sale-events and customer appreciation days.

26. Sidewalk signs, yard signs, window signs and scrolling messages are some of the ways to get more walk-ins.

27. Use indoor displays, audio promotions and slide shows to increase sale.

28. Give away samples, present promotional products and use human billboards to increase traffic.

29. Take every opportunity like Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Valentine’s Day and Thanks Giving Day to promote business and improve customer loyalty.

30. Air Dancers, Feather Flags and Giant Inflated Gorillas are effective in promoting sales and leaving a lasting impression.


Online Advertising Ideas:

1. Develop a website or blog to direct the targeted traffic; and optimize it for search engine ranking.

2. Take advantage of Google Maps, Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing, and similar services to drive traffic to the website or blog.

3. Participating in forum discussions, commenting on blogs, writing reviews and articles can help rising in search engine rankings.

4. Use free classifieds including craigslist to attract potential customers.

5. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-in, Digg, and Google+ are some of the social media and bookmarking sites worth paying attention to.

6. The smart phones have gained popularity like never before; tapping that market is inevitable for business growth.

7. Online newsletters and email marketing are two cheap traffic generators.

8. When backed by proper research, online banner advertising can be as effective as print advertising.

9. Yahoo Answers, Just Answer, Answer Bag, and Wiki Answer are some of the sites where one can position oneself as an expert and build backlinks at the same time.

10. Hosting teleseminars and webinars will help conveying the message to a huge audience.

11. Include customer testimonials to build credibility.

12. Trust-Guard and Secure Sockets Layer certificates on the website can be used to gain customer trust.

13. Businesses with advertising budgets should consider investing in Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

14. Use scripts like Tell-A-Friend to bring more traffic to the website.

15. Split testing and tweaking different elements of the advertising campaigns can help saving advertising dollars.

Whether online or offline, build an effective advertising strategy and spend the budget efficiently. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Do not fall a prey to impulse decisions. Consult with experts, learn from experience and always check the results along the way. Creative without strategy is called art; creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’

Three-pronged Approach To Online Advertising

Three-pronged Approach To Online Advertising

I was browsing the internet, as I typically do early in the morning, and I read some great advertising tips at  Just wanted to share a few marketing and advertising strategies with you.

Advertising is one of the most important factors in whether your business is successful or not, especially in E-Commerce.  Lets discuss three main areas of advertising online:  E-Commerce, social media advertising, and Google AdWords.

E-Commerce Advertising

E-Commerce is the basis on commerce taking place online in a “checkout” format, similar to walking into a store and having a customer ring up at the register.  In E-Commerce, you are targeting very specific users that would be interested in purchasing your products and inventory.  For Example, if you are own a jewelry store and create and have a website that sells your beautiful pieces.  You would cater to women and men that had interests in those areas.  Initially you may advertise close to your physical store’s location, say for instance Washington D.C..  Your campaign may specifically target women ages 18-35, near or around the metropolitan DC area, and that have an interest in fashion and fashion accessories.   There are many tools normally ‘built-in’ to these E-Commerce solutions that allow you to add meta-descriptions and tags to “target” your audience better.

Social Media Engagement 

After the surface layer or base has been laid for the online or e-commerce phase, social media engagement becomes the next most important stage.  It is in this stage, that you actually open up your doors to a larger audience and can convert sales otherwise outside of your reach or range.  For example, that same jewelry store that marketed towards women in DC, could now start selling via Twitter and Facebook nationally or internationally to anyone that was willing to purchase the pieces + shipping and handling (or it is worked into the margins already).  This could allow the jewelry store with 1,000’s of potential leads to open their doors to 10,000’s of new eyes and online users.  It is also through social media that you can capture these users’ information, buying habits, as well as past ‘likes’ of ‘retweets’.  Seeing what actually interests your users and followers can actually stimulate new business and new products.  For example the jewelry store could release an ‘online exclusive’ piece (Not Sold In Stores) and prompt a subscription, follow, ‘like’, or form submission for access to the exclusive piece.  Social Media has become a giant and everyday friend, and the businesses leveraging this powerful advertising tool are seeing leaps and bounds across the board.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is another very popular advertising tool, and over the past years is really the most mainstream and popular of general ad platforms.  This tool is provided by Google and allows the domain owner or ‘administrator’ to track keywords, target audiences, and run multiple campaigns to increase visibility in the Search Engines.  It is also considered a powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool as well.  Google Adwords is a great way to begin analyzing your efectiveness of marketing, tweaking it to be optimized, and gauging goals and results.  Unfortunately, in order to fully harness the power of this tool, you really need to have a marketing company manage and oversee the in-depth reports being generated.

The Magic Formula of a Successful Advertisement

Take the path to success by making strategic decisions about your advertisements

Take the path to success by making strategic decisions about your advertisements

The Magic Formula of a Successful Advertisement

Putting together a great advertising campaign can be very challenging. When it comes to advertising many things have changed over the years, but certain powerful key elements in advertising have stayed the same. Here are four of the most powerful elements or words you should always consider using in your advertising efforts.


Consumers respond to”NEW”, it is a big motivator when they are makng a buying decision. How many times have you heard this “New and improved” the public loves that phrase, advertisers know that those words will peak your interest. Every time Apple comes out with “NEW” IPhone people line up for days to get their hands on one. Even when in truth it is not new, it just has few upgrades. You will never see Apple say we are coming out with an upgraded phone, they always say “NEW” IPhone. It is a very powerful word and never goes out of style.


This power word “SALE” is very often a key factor when a consumer is making a buying decision. Everybody wants to save money and we have been trained by advertisers and society in general to buy now when we see the word sale. Many times it is the single factor to whether or not the customer will buy today or if they will wait. For this reason many retails have their products on “SALE” 365 days a year. Simply put customer respond to a “SALE”, use it whenever you can in your advertising efforts.


The “GUARANTEE” this one element is a critical ingredient; it has the power to remove the customer’s risk. With reduced risk it is much easier for the consumer to part with their hard earned money. Simply put a “GUARANTEE” is a pledge to the customer that you product or service will live up to their expectation. If you have a great product and are confident that most consumers will like your product, than you might want to go with the best of all guarantees the money back guarantee. With money back guarantee the consumer has no risk at all, they have nothing to lose.


Here is a word that will make everybody stop what they are doing. The power of “FREE has been proven over and over again thru the years. It is still a favorite advertising trick for many types of businesses. Buy one get one free sales also known as a BOGO sale, is a very popular that way “FREE” is used in advertising today. If you want to see just how powerful this word is, advertise free hotdogs and drinks at your place of business one day. What about free shipping, we all aware there is really no such thing as free shipping. Shipping cost money, it is not free it just included in the price. But we still look for it when we are buying a product. Now if you really want to get products moving out the door remember. In your next advertisement effort use these elements.

All you need to do is, offer a “NEW” product on “SALE” with “GUARANTEE” and toss in something for “FREE”. That is the magic formula for a successful advertisement.

Written by Global Good Partner Super Sign Factory

Socially First – International Social Media Marketing and Strategy Services

Developing an E-commerce Presence and Generating Business for Socially First

A brand dedicated to promoting great brands online approached us to help them advance their website’s aesthetic appearance, develop an e-commerce presence, and generate business.  

In a sea of digital competitors we needed to define Socially First as a trustworthy digital outlet that can help promote their clients’ brands to the top of the Social Media world.

 Socially First needed help not only building an online presence but optimizing it so that it was conversion friendly. Major advertising budgets and campaigns being put into motion needed to yield results and Global Good Media delivered. Thank you for your trust in GGM and we are glad that the project was deemed a success. Josh Bois, CEO



> E-commerce system setup, configuration, and product integration

> Website Design, Logo design and Business Card Design + Printing

> Print ready full page graphics created for direct marketing and mailing campaigns

> Lead generation: Marketing the brand on popular marketing websites such as WarriorForum with sponsored posts, Posting to craigslist,

> Advertisement Camapaigns: Creating, Managing, and Optimizing advertisements on Google Adwords

> Banner Ad Creation: Standard sizes 728×90 Banner, 300×250 Box, 120×600 Sky Scraper sizes

> Network Distribution: Set the Socially First banner ads made to backfill premium advertisers on major Global Good Networks properties such as



View the Sponsored Advertisment Created for Socially First on Warrior Forum here:






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Ace Capital Group Chinese Localization, Globalization, and Branding Strategy

Ace Capital Group approaches GGM for International expansion online and Branding

When our CEO, Josh Bois, first sat at the Ace Capital board room round table in their Redwood City Headquarters he instantly knew that we would be able to add a lot of value for ACE Capital Group across all of their digital needs.

Upon first glance their digital portfolio needed a lot of organizational work and most importantly aesthetics. The color scheme was brown with a purple/pink background that did not convey the professionalism and International  market that this large firm operated in. 

 One of our first tasks was to completely overhaul their existing website with more eye pleasing and conversion friendly aesthetics. Our next focus was on their multi-lingual Chinese web properties to aid their overseas offices and sales activities. Within the first week of accepting the project and defining the scope we had already made great progress with them towards a successful relaunch. Josh Bois, CEO



> Market and content Localization – Ensuring localization of their website for the Chinese market by working with their In-house translation team

> Globalization: Improving site load times, universally appealing aesthetics for success in different markets

> Search Engine Optimization: Improving the link structure, keyword inclusion, Meta data, configuring software for their CMS, submission to Google, Sitemap Creation, keyword tracking

> Branding: Improving the aesthetic appearances of their website, navigation systems, content and headings, layout, and more. Inclusion of more blue for trustworthiness

> Conversion Optimization: placement, colors and choice of words for call to action buttons, focus on several keywords and topcis for the website to ensure clarity to end users

> Customer and Staff training: Special meetings, conference calls, and documentation to train their employees on how to utilize and manage the tools we have setup for the client



Official Ace Capital Site:

Visit the official Green Deed Website:


Other Ace Capital Image Resources:

View the Site We Re-Designed for ACE Capital:


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Jason With Drake Website, Music Video, and Social Media Marketing

Jason Miller & Drake “Sympathy” Song Release Website Design + Marketing

When approached to work on this project we were asked to provide full service marketing, social media, design, consulting services prior to the song’s release as well as digital asset and site management and marketing post-launch. Jason has worked with other major musical artists such as Akon, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent so we really wanted to help make this branding campaign stand out.

2009 was the original year we started working with Jason Miller, developing his website as well as the production company behind it Shy Dog Productions. Now in 2012 for various reasons the decision was made to take down the website to direct fans to social media profiles to help contain the buzz and convert the most fans for a while.

In the past we had created an EPK for Jason Miller ( Jason-Miller-EPK

We launched the initial Jason With Drake splash page with only a 30 second preview of the song prior to September 1st when the song launched. When the song launched we changed out the official splash page website for the song to have the full clip.

Also on the launch date we released a music video we made which was a compilation of Jason Miller and Drake photos along with lyrics. We custom crafted the title and the description to include celebrity names to help the video appear in more Youtube video searches.  The video would ultimately lead to incoming traffic to the Jason Miller and Drake website as well as the social media profiles such as his myspace where we have also released the last video. The latest video also features the Global Good Networks and Global Good Media Co-Founder Josh Bois.

Now in 2012 we were approached not only to help with the design and marketing for the Jason with Drake website but to provide video production and social media promo services as well. We have gotten the first video on Youtube to nearly 100,000 views in a month and are working on the second video which we expect to exceed over 250,000 views helping Jason reach new fans.


For Jason’s Youtube presence we came up with the decision to title his channel: JasonMillerOfficial ( )

The first lyric video that we released for Jason Miller and Drake’s song Sympathy was to appease peoples’ appetite for new Drake content and build up attention for the music video with pictures and animations.



Watch the official video below or directly on Youtube:

Jason Miller Feat. Drake “Sympathy” Celebrity Photo Video with Lyrics and Names




Visit the official website for the song “Sympathy” with Drake and Jason Miller



Pamela Bach Hasselhoff ( TWITTER: )
Eric Zuley ( WEBSITE: TWITTER: )
Scott Templin ( MYSPACE: )
Colby O’Donnis ( MYSPACE: TWITTER: )







Check out some of Jason Miller’s previous work:


View The Site We Built for Jason Miller And Drake’s song “Sympathy”:


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Youtube Marketing – Targeted Niche and Interaction Services

Going Viral and reaching your niche market is attainable with strategy and the right mix of promotion services.

> Promotion to increase your video views to sky rocket your ability to appear in searches and related videos

>Targeting by: Gender, Age, Country location, username keywords, last login dates to ensure active


View Options:

REGULAR VIEWS (Delivered at speeds of 1-3k Daily):
FAST VIEWS (up 900k views in 24 hours):
30k minimum orders at a price of: $2.50/k up to 50,000 views.
So: 30,000 fast views: $175.00
50,000 fast views: $225.00
For fast view orders above 50k, it’s $3/k up to 100k fast views.
So: 60,000 fast views: $280.00
80,000 fast views: $340.00
For orders 100,000 and up, it’s $3.50/k.
So, for 100,000 fast views in 24 hours: $575.00

*For orders 500k+, please contact us for a customized quote.


Targeted Marketing Options:

1-Month (30-Day) subscription, “Small Business” Package: $320.00*
This package includes: 30 days of daily Harvesting/Targeting of
niche-specific users based on competitor video interaction. We can
target active users based on videos they interact & comment on. We
then “friend”/subscribe to them in hopes of them re-subscribing to
your content. This is a perfect way to build a core audience &

1-Month (30-Day) subscription, “Serious Business” Package: $420.00*
This package includes: 30 days of daily Harvesting/Targeting of
niche-specific users based on competitor video interaction. Also
includes: Commenting on niche-related videos, & the ability to send
YouTube inbox messages to all harvested users.

*Additional initial setup fee of: $50.00 for the first month. (Dedicated server, etc)

NOTES on YouTube marketing: Our abilities with targeting include- Targeting by:
Gender, Age, Country location, username keywords, last login dates to ensure active
users, etc. We can also harvest users based on searchable key phrases or specific

Also, in order for us to complete these tasks, YouTube usernames/passwords must be
provided by clients. Total protection and safety is ensured and will only be used by
our in-house marketing team. All automated services also adhere to YouTube’s TOS, with
zero risk of account suspensions.