Ace Capital Group approaches GGM for International expansion online and Branding

When our CEO, Josh Bois, first sat at the Ace Capital board room round table in their Redwood City Headquarters he instantly knew that we would be able to add a lot of value for ACE Capital Group across all of their digital needs.

Upon first glance their digital portfolio needed a lot of organizational work and most importantly aesthetics. The color scheme was brown with a purple/pink background that did not convey the professionalism and International  market that this large firm operated in. 

 One of our first tasks was to completely overhaul their existing website with more eye pleasing and conversion friendly aesthetics. Our next focus was on their multi-lingual Chinese web properties to aid their overseas offices and sales activities. Within the first week of accepting the project and defining the scope we had already made great progress with them towards a successful relaunch. -Josh Bois, CEO



> Market and content Localization – Ensuring localization of their website for the Chinese market by working with their In-house translation team

> Globalization: Improving site load times, universally appealing aesthetics for success in different markets

> Search Engine Optimization: Improving the link structure, keyword inclusion, Meta data, configuring software for their CMS, submission to Google, Sitemap Creation, keyword tracking

> Branding: Improving the aesthetic appearances of their website, navigation systems, content and headings, layout, and more. Inclusion of more blue for trustworthiness

> Conversion Optimization: placement, colors and choice of words for call to action buttons, focus on several keywords and topcis for the website to ensure clarity to end users

> Customer and Staff training: Special meetings, conference calls, and documentation to train their employees on how to utilize and manage the tools we have setup for the client



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