Three-pronged Approach To Online Advertising

I was browsing the internet, as I typically do early in the morning, and I read some great advertising tips at  Just wanted to share a few marketing and advertising strategies with you.

Advertising is one of the most important factors in whether your business is successful or not, especially in E-Commerce.  Lets discuss three main areas of advertising online:  E-Commerce, social media advertising, and Google AdWords.

E-Commerce Advertising

E-Commerce is the basis on commerce taking place online in a “checkout” format, similar to walking into a store and having a customer ring up at the register.  In E-Commerce, you are targeting very specific users that would be interested in purchasing your products and inventory.  For Example, if you are own a jewelry store and create and have a website that sells your beautiful pieces.  You would cater to women and men that had interests in those areas.  Initially you may advertise close to your physical store’s location, say for instance Washington D.C..  Your campaign may specifically target women ages 18-35, near or around the metropolitan DC area, and that have an interest in fashion and fashion accessories.   There are many tools normally ‘built-in’ to these E-Commerce solutions that allow you to add meta-descriptions and tags to “target” your audience better.

Social Media Engagement 

After the surface layer or base has been laid for the online or e-commerce phase, social media engagement becomes the next most important stage.  It is in this stage, that you actually open up your doors to a larger audience and can convert sales otherwise outside of your reach or range.  For example, that same jewelry store that marketed towards women in DC, could now start selling via Twitter and Facebook nationally or internationally to anyone that was willing to purchase the pieces + shipping and handling (or it is worked into the margins already).  This could allow the jewelry store with 1,000’s of potential leads to open their doors to 10,000’s of new eyes and online users.  It is also through social media that you can capture these users’ information, buying habits, as well as past ‘likes’ of ‘retweets’.  Seeing what actually interests your users and followers can actually stimulate new business and new products.  For example the jewelry store could release an ‘online exclusive’ piece (Not Sold In Stores) and prompt a subscription, follow, ‘like’, or form submission for access to the exclusive piece.  Social Media has become a giant and everyday friend, and the businesses leveraging this powerful advertising tool are seeing leaps and bounds across the board.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is another very popular advertising tool, and over the past years is really the most mainstream and popular of general ad platforms.  This tool is provided by Google and allows the domain owner or ‘administrator’ to track keywords, target audiences, and run multiple campaigns to increase visibility in the Search Engines.  It is also considered a powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool as well.  Google Adwords is a great way to begin analyzing your efectiveness of marketing, tweaking it to be optimized, and gauging goals and results.  Unfortunately, in order to fully harness the power of this tool, you really need to have a marketing company manage and oversee the in-depth reports being generated.