Global Home Automation Branding  and Marketing Case Study


Global Home Automation was developed to be an International brand that helps to save energy and money for the world’s individuals, businesses, and governments on their bills by automating items such as lighting, heating and air-conditioning among other items. Also by automating security and perimeter protection with the ability to manage from mobile devices and receive important alerts such as breaches or break-ins we can help protect families, businesses personnel and key resources.

The mission behind all of our Global Good brands is to change the world in a scalable and measurable way. Global Home Automation helps to save the world’s energy and reduce bills whether for entrepeneurs or individual families. We are a firm believe in also utilizing technology to improve the quality of life for everybody and thus developing G.H.A. has been a pleasure.
Josh Bois, Co-Founder Global Good Networks


Branding: Research was done to find some important aspects of the branding done by competitors such as their logo and approach to communicating their services. For the logo design of Global Home Automation we decided to put lines in the form of a roof on top of the logo to provide a sense of bringing services to home-owners. The firm is an International firm so we decided to utilize blue which is a sign of trust and globally utilized by major Fortune 500 brands as well as a shade of grey. Gradients were utilized on the logo to give it a more high-end look seeing as their target customers range from home-owners to corporations and governments with multi-million dollar automation budgets.

Social Media: As with many of our other projects, right from the start we ensured that the client was utilizing social media to at least provide another touch point for potential customers to reach the brand and to provide a sign of credibility. Accounts were created on Facebook and Twitter for general information and blog posts along with Youtube where videos would later be posted after being produced. Tools such as Hootsuite were then utilized to ensure the client and our marketing team would be able to effectively manage the multiple channels of social media being run at the same time in a cost effective and time sensitive manner. Promotion was then begun to find targeted clients around the world utilizing the social media platforms to find customers with a need for automation and the budget to commit to a project.

Web Design: With an International client base at hand and various services to be provided we needed to find a way to communicate what Global Home Automation does very clearly. G.H.A. not only consults people on what technology to utilize for automation but also integrates and maintains their investment after the fact. Our design team set to the task by using many graphics to depict the ease of which automation can be managed via mobile devices and how it can allow you to travel with a clear head knowing your security is being monitored and that you won’t have unexpected spikes on your bill with monitoring. We needed to find content writers that understood the technology and the global customer landscape which included regions such as Dubai & UAE, London, Canada, USA and South America among many other major metropolitan centers.

Marketing: Press releases were written, edited and published for this client along with the creation of a sitemap which was submitted to Google for automated indexing. Other tools utilized included strategic blogging on other websites such as Global Tech Spot. As a full service firm, Global Good Media was also deeply integrated into other forms of online marketing for GHA including Google Adwords and organic Search Engine Optimization.

Infrastructure: Systems such as a Customer Relationship Management system to manage inbound customer requests all the way throughout the customer relationship and a 1800 number with scripting to provide customers a professional storefront to deal with the GHA brand. E-mail addresses were also setup with rules such as forwarding to meet the right consultant in different areas around the world in order to provide the right service to the right customer based off of location, industry and vertical among other factors.

Consulting: Global Home Automation was setup as a joint venture between Global Good Networks and the owner of many successful automation and contracting firms in the North Virginia area right outside of Washington D.C. From the business structure to the deal flow and business plan, GGN was involved at a very deep level. This included such items and tasks such as due diligence into the people and contractors that the brand would be using.


Our own Global Good Networks technology web property Global Tech Spot was utilized provide another touch point for digitally inclined individuals and business owners around the world to find Global Home Automations and request a consultation.

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