As Global Good Networks is a Joint Partner and operations manager of SMS Text Alert is our platform of choice for integrating into clients’ mobile marketing campaigns.

Whether you need to reach hundreds or millions of people a month you can send text messages with product or payment  links, downloads, photo and video content, surveys, and more. The technology allows everybody from Fortune 500 brands to start-up entrepreneurs, retail owners, and entertainers to communicate with their customer and fan base over text message.

Reach out to us today to custom craft the perfect campaign for your brand no matter what country, vertical, or demographic you are going after there is something we can do.

  • Mobile Marketing Campaign planned, segmented, and run to your exact specifications and goals
  • Integrated into your Website as a widget and a tab on your Facebook page
  • Domestic and International texting to 65+ carriers and 100+ countries
  • Mobile Application and Mobile Website development services also available
  • Turnkey for business owners. Provide some of your needs and we do all the work.

Member Management Keywords & Shortcodes Voice Broadcasting API Integration
Collect your customer and fan numbers to market to them later. Request custom fields and info such as location, name, and e-mail. Create keywords for different campaigns and allow people to text your easy-to-remember shortcode. Manage two-way conversations with people when they text back or set auto-responder. Send short or long audio messages to your customers by phone en mass. Works great in many industries such as technology, entertainment, politics, retail and others. With so many other great marketing technologies out there, why not create custom applications that take your favorite technology and add a texting capability to it.
Create unlimited lists and import existing leads. Allow 100 or 100,000 people to signup Grow your personal connection to your customers PHP and HTTP Integrations Available
Reach out to a Global Good Media Consultant at: (800) 275-9507 or a SMS Text Alert Expert at: (877)9-SEND-SMS


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