GGM and Global Good Networks Portfolio project

GGM and Global Good Networks Portfolio project

Delivering Mobile Technology For Fortune 500 and Entrepreneurs

When Global Good Media was Initially approached by Angel Investment firm, Riverway Ventures, it was to build out four web properties in their possession. Trend of The Week, a news site to deliver on popular topics, was the initial website we began working on along with an e-commerce site,  and of the other two was SMS Text Alert. It began as just a concept several months ago to discuss mobile news and integrate some of the experts in the field that we new. Soon it grew into much more. GGM was involved from the ground up choosing the technologies to power the site such as the CMS ( content management system ), the CDN ( Akamai Networks ), all the way down to the people that would staff the site.

SMS Text Alert was something both firms believed strongly in. Financial Capital, leadership, and human resources would be put behind the brand to give it the fuel it needed to go Global and gain marketshare.

After building out the website itself, much planning went into picking out the final logo, creating a vector out of it so it could be used on press walls, websites, business cards, and the like. Furthermore GGM then found and trained a call center to conduct telemarketing within several verticals to find the best target market to sell to. We started out with the legal, medical, and entertainment verticals which we felt we would have the greatest success with and our outbound and outside sales teams were having strong results with. 

Discussions now include building a dedicated mobile app to manage the service, and monitoring revenue, and managing the existing and growing staff behind this brand.



 Branding, Technology Integration, International Business Development, Human Resources Interviewing, Website Design and SEO, Social Media Marketing and Management, Staff Training, Blogging, External PR, Search Engine Optimization, Consulting, and more.

External Public Relations and Press:  From writing case studies on Global Good Networks, to the article on Global Tech Spot and other websites we were able to build a buzz about SMS Text Alert very fast. More importantly we have begun working with major Fortune 500 brands which can be large customers and installations of the online platform which will provide buzz. 

International Business Development: Sourcing global talent in various continents including the USA, United Kingdom, South America, Australia, Africa, and Asia to conduct outbound sales calls, send lead generation emails, classified posting, and more. We worked with our existing client and partner network of Global Entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 brands to start the conversation about their mobile marketing and the value that our platform could add. Above and beyond that Global Good Media made very customized proposals for advanced and highly-custom  integration, staff training, for these firms to further the revenue pipeline and high-profile touch points for a new brand.

Consulting: We ensured our customer began to understand the mobile market as well as we did through on-going daily/weekly phone conferences, skype sessions, and e-mails. Weekly meetings with the GGN executive staff including Josh Bois and Richard Jeffries with the staff of Riverway Ventures ensured a successful launch and on-going management. Everything from the correct technology to use to the right staff has been consulted on with the GGM staff and Riverway’s to walk the right road towards success.

SEO: The external blog posts, portfolio writing, social media, and more were all conducted after a lot of very intensive competitor research and market analysis to target the right verticals, keywords, and customers.

Human Relations: Often it is said that a company is only as good as the leadership and actual staff of that firm. We made sure to find highly-trained, experienced, and responsible individuals to represent the SMS Text Alert brand in front of start-up entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies around the world. This meant reference checking, portfolio work reviews, conference interviews, practice pitching, and salary negotiations to get the staff ready to push the product to market fast. Incentives were created to motivate the staff along with revenue-sharing and affiliate agreements to create a long-term relationship with those brought onto the team.

We now have a campaign underway to target college students to push the SMS product to market during summer as an internship that will give them experience and connections.

Lastly, an Applicant Tracking System ( ATS ) was setup and integrated into key channels such as Social Media to increase sign-ups of potential employees and interns for our sales, support, and administrative roles available at SMS. 

Website Design & Branding: Creation of the actual graphics, content, flow, banners, layout and more. Items such as the iPad and iPhone graphics, the logo’s, business cards, PDF’s and more were created for the partner client.

Technology Integration: Setting up and integrating the high-end version of Akamai ( Rich Media Accelerator ), ring central as a 1-800 number and virtual PBX which would connect to the various sales people and call centers trained, and more.

Conversion Optimization: Selecting the premium security services such as Trustwave and Symantec to secure our site and provide more confidence to consumers will improve conversions. Live chat was also installed. By integrating the CDN, Akamai, we were also able to speed up the website which has statistically proven to increase page views per viewer and ultimately purchases.



A GGN Press and Portfolio Spotlight Case Study was written about SMS Text Alert as well.


We wrote one article on our GGN web property, Global Tech Spot to open up the conversation about for the world.


The opportunity to connect with great brands such as Johns Hopkins University Medical division about our new mobile technology has been a blessing. Not only have we been able to create something great for the world but been on the front lines of proposing this to Fortune 500 brands to increase their revenue and customer loyalty.

Josh Bois, Co-Founder Global Good Networks and CEO Global Good Media