Take the path to success by making strategic decisions about your advertisements

Take the path to success by making strategic decisions about your advertisements

The Magic Formula of a Successful Advertisement

Putting together a great advertising campaign can be very challenging. When it comes to advertising many things have changed over the years, but certain powerful key elements in advertising have stayed the same. Here are four of the most powerful elements or words you should always consider using in your advertising efforts.


Consumers respond to”NEW”, it is a big motivator when they are makng a buying decision. How many times have you heard this “New and improved” the public loves that phrase, advertisers know that those words will peak your interest. Every time Apple comes out with “NEW” IPhone people line up for days to get their hands on one. Even when in truth it is not new, it just has few upgrades. You will never see Apple say we are coming out with an upgraded phone, they always say “NEW” IPhone. It is a very powerful word and never goes out of style.


This power word “SALE” is very often a key factor when a consumer is making a buying decision. Everybody wants to save money and we have been trained by advertisers and society in general to buy now when we see the word sale. Many times it is the single factor to whether or not the customer will buy today or if they will wait. For this reason many retails have their products on “SALE” 365 days a year. Simply put customer respond to a “SALE”, use it whenever you can in your advertising efforts.


The “GUARANTEE” this one element is a critical ingredient; it has the power to remove the customer’s risk. With reduced risk it is much easier for the consumer to part with their hard earned money. Simply put a “GUARANTEE” is a pledge to the customer that you product or service will live up to their expectation. If you have a great product and are confident that most consumers will like your product, than you might want to go with the best of all guarantees the money back guarantee. With money back guarantee the consumer has no risk at all, they have nothing to lose.


Here is a word that will make everybody stop what they are doing. The power of “FREE has been proven over and over again thru the years. It is still a favorite advertising trick for many types of businesses. Buy one get one free sales also known as a BOGO sale, is a very popular that way “FREE” is used in advertising today. If you want to see just how powerful this word is, advertise free hotdogs and drinks at your place of business one day. What about free shipping, we all aware there is really no such thing as free shipping. Shipping cost money, it is not free it just included in the price. But we still look for it when we are buying a product. Now if you really want to get products moving out the door remember. In your next advertisement effort use these elements.

All you need to do is, offer a “NEW” product on “SALE” with “GUARANTEE” and toss in something for “FREE”. That is the magic formula for a successful advertisement.

Written by Global Good Partner Super Sign Factory